ASR Seminars

Next up: The Environment

Date: 24 January 2020, 9.0012.00
Location: University of Lapland, auditorium 19 (Eelin sali)
Host: University of Lapland
Theme: The environment
Contact: Paula Kassinen, project manager, Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence, paula.kassinen (at)
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Opening words, Vice-Rector for Research Osmo Rätti


  • Advancing Elderly People’s Agency and Inclusion in the Changing Arctic and Nordic Welfare, Senior Researcher Shahnaj Begum, Faculty of Education
  • OpenBio – Developing Learning Environments for Forest Bioeconomics Education, University Lecturer Hanna Vuojärvi, Faculty of Education
  • Research at the Faculty of Law, Research Professor Jukka Similä, Faculty of Law
  • Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic, University Lecturer Monika Lüthje, Multidimensional Tourism Institute
  • Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Petri Koikkalainen, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Securing Sustainable Snow – Co-Designing a Climate Service for Winter Tourism Industry in Northern Finland (Blue-Action: Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate; H2020, 2016–2021), Researcher Ilona Mettiäinen, Arctic Centre
  • Reindeer Husbandry in a Globalizing North Resilience, Adaptation and Pathways for Actions, Research Professor Bruce Forbes, Arctic Centre
  • SmartCulTour – Smart Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of European Regions, Project Manager, Researcher Hong Li, Faculty of Art and Design


  • Sustainable development
  • Climate change and its effects
  • Mining
  • People on the move (e.g. tourism, migration)

Workshop results, conclusion

Series of seminars for researchers and RDI experts – collaboration and networking across organisational boundaries

The Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence project welcomes you to series of open-for-all seminars starting in the fall of 2019. The aim of the seminars is to advance the networking of researchers and RDI experts across disciplines and organisations and present ways to participate in projects and potentially cooperate with companies.

At the start of each seminar, the host organisation will present their salient research themes and on-going projects. The participants will be invited to cooperate on selected themes and the host organisation may also put forward concrete project initiatives for joint development.

After this, a discussion workshop is held with an open call for participants to offer their expertise, ideas and solutions for the challenges faced in the projects.

Seminar themes and dates:

Circular economy

2 October, 9–12 am, host: Lapland University of Applied Sciences
List of participants (PDF)

Environmental research and measurement data modelling

23 October, 9–12 am, host: Geological Survey of Finland
List of participants (PDF)

Presentations (PDF)
Jouni Pihlaja: Geological Survey of Finland Sustainable growth from geology
Raija Pietilä: Mining environmental studies in Lapland
Pauliina Liwata-Kenttälä: Acid sulfate soils
Juho Kupila: Pohjavesialueiden rakenneselvitykset
Hannu Panttila: Vesinäytteenottoa ja geofysikaalisia mittauksia UAV-lentolaitteilla


26 November, 9–12 am, host: Natural Resources Institute Finland
List of participants (PDF)

Presentations (PDF)
Kari Mäkitalo: Together towards bioeconomy
Ville Hallikainen & Pasi Rautio: Forest management research in Lapland
Rainer Peltola & Seija Tuulentie: Multiple use of forests and reconciliation of use modes
Risto Korpinen & Susan Kunnas: High-value compounds from trees and other plant materials
Satu Ervasti: Biogas production – natural part of bioeconomy
Pauli Saarenketo: Path of Research Based Innovations to Market

The Environment

24 January 2020, 9–12 am, host: University of Lapland

Closing seminar

Date TBC

Contact details:
Natural Resources Institute Finland: Kari Mäkitalo, kari.makitalo (at)
Lapland University of Applied Sciences: Raimo Pyyny, raimo.pyyny (at)
Geological Survey of Finland: Hannu Panttila, hannu.panttila (at)
University of Lapland: Harri Malinen, harri.malinen (at)