The relationship between project scale, networks and funding options (click to enlarge image):

International networks, project scale and funding

Series of seminars for researchers and RDI experts – collaboration and networking across organisational boundaries

Our seminar series is over A huge thank you to everyone who participated, presented or contributed in some other way!

Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence logoThe Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence project organises a series of open-for-all seminars starting in the fall of 2019. The aim of the seminars is to advance the networking of researchers and RDI experts across disciplines and organisations.

At the start of each seminar, the host organisation will present their salient research themes and on-going projects. After this, a discussion workshop is held with an open call for participants to create ideas for joint projects and offer their expertise, ideas and solutions for the challenges faced in on-going projects.

Here are the themes of the seminars:


Natural Resources Institute Finland: Kari Mäkitalo, kari.makitalo (at)
Lapland University of Applied Sciences: Raimo Pyyny, raimo.pyyny (at)
Geological Survey of Finland: Hannu Panttila, hannu.panttila (at)
University of Lapland: Harri Malinen, harri.malinen (at)