Arctic Smart Growth (ASG)

The goal of the Arctic Smart Growth (ASG) project is to increase the SMEs’ research, development and innovation activities and  improve companies’ opportunities to utilize EU funding and international networks more effectively. The project in closely linked to the regional business services as well as other
business networks.

International projects have been implemented mainly by universities or research institutes and involving big companies. The purpose of this project is to reverse emphasis on SMEs. The project is mapping the most relevant networks and sources of funding, including international investment funding sources for supporting the growth and internationalization of the SMEs.  In order to strengthen the enterprise interface the regional business service, The Enterprise Finland Network will be closely connected to the project. The collaboration enables the creation of service and finance chains which ensure the availability of appropriate service and funding for SMEs’ needs.

The result of the Arctic Smart Growth project is a cooperation model which connects enterprises, universities, regional actors, international networks and funding sources. The parties´ duties, roles and responsibilities will be agreed on. From the existing tools the enterprises will easily find the suitable support services and solutions for their needs. The project is closely linked to the Arctic Smartness RDI- Excellence (ASR) and Lappi – arktinen ja kansainvälinen menestyjä projects which ensures that the projects and the region aims and activities are in line each other.


Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lead Partner), Centre for Economic Development: Transport and the Environment/Business and industry, labour force and competence activities, Kemin Digipolis Oy, University of Lapland and ProAgria Lappi ry

Project total budget is 963 181 €.

Project is funded by ERDF / Regional Council of Lapland.  Total financing of ERDF is  770 544 €.


Milla Hirvaskari
Project Manager