Smart Arctic Forest Network (SAFoN)

Project aims to foundation of a new Smart Arctic Forest Network. The aim is to establish and launch a new network and settle its function under the Arctic Specialisation Programme and Arctic Smartness clusters. Simultaneously the project aims to strengthen the prerequisite operation for forestry in Lapland both promotion and exploitation of expertise of the arctic forestry in industry and in actions of stakeholders both in homeland and abroad.

Project will develop the Lapland region into international interesting model area of practicing and developing the arctic forestry. Starting point for action is sustainable and diverse exploiting of ecosystem services provided by the forests in altering social (changing forest owner and woodlot structure) and natural conditions (climate change). The aim is to ensure development activity which rises from needs of the companies. Simultaneously it aims securing sustainable and low carbon actions to all forest related livelihoods. This can also improve profitability, help in creation of new products and services, and increasing business growth (in the arctic area).


The new network or forest network is established in the early stage with all the regional key operators in forestry. During the project network is extended to involve as far as possible all companies working in forest sector. This is executed with extensive cooperation. Each member of the cluster will inform their own partnership companies about functions and possibilities that the new cluster offers.

The main actions of the project are:

  • survey and description of the smart arctic forest network
  • publishing promotional material of the new forest network via existing channels
  • searching of representative example and demonstration sites of arctic forestry
  • arranging bio-economy dates
  • preparation for upcoming new EU funding period
  • bechmarking in Finland and internationally
  • internationally comparable data collection, updating and publishing of data linked to the forest network

Project partners

Finnish Forest Centre collects and shares forest data, enforces forestry legislation and our Metsää -eServices offer the latest information directly to forest owners on their properties.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences  is a higher education institution with strong research and development activities in bioeconomy.

Natural Resources Institute Finland promotes forest-based bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources

Metsähallitus as a state enterprise ensures the preservation, care, infrastructure and development of Finnish state-owned forests for different stakeholders.

The Finnish 4H federation provides information for children and youth on nature, forestry, forest recreation activities and forest related job opportunities.

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) is an interest organization representing farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs in Finland